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Posted here are some of the emails and comments we have received via email.

July 4, 2021 Email From A.K.

Private Hospital insurance companies have been  steadily and stealthily encroaching on and compromising the relationship between doctor and patient in the Australian private health system in order to increase their profits. NIB’s plan to partner with the US managed giant Cigna Health Insurance to develop contracting services for health insurers with network contract doctors is a major step in introducing US style managed care to Australia.

June 20, 2021 Email From C.A.

This is so very short sighted and will only benefit health funds. Patients and practitioners as well as good quality health care will suffer. We have been warned about this for years, no decades. It must not be allowed to happen.

June 19, 2021 Email From L.H.

Profits should not come before people. We need to preserve health care for all, not just the rich   A civilised country is judged on how well it treats  it citizens

June 16, 2021 Email From H.B.

I say No..Send the eagle home..I’m all for better Australian Health Services just the way it is!!..if it’s not broken leave it alone.

June 15, 2021 Email From R.S.

I am distressed to learn we are continuing to copy the bad mistakes of the USA in Australia The USA is place of developing world inequality and exploitation. Dollars and cents are everything. And now they want this for our health Remember minister that if the US model of health care gets access here it affects everyone , including yours and loved ones health care , your children your parents. Everyone.

Inaction to prevent their coming here is failure to protect us from out own values and way of life in Australia.

Everyone will regret this if we don’t defend ourselves from this attack on out health sovereignty

June 14, 2021 Email From K.J.

As a chronic pain patient & advocate in Brisbane, Qld, Australia [& rank & file member of the Australian Pain Management Assoc] I am very concerned about the lack of freedom of choice this system would enforce, i.e. IF American Insurers are allowed to hijack “best practice” or patient-centred health care in Australia. How can I best help your National Cause?

I have many social media contacts & for several years now I have been trying to educate people how the “US managed” health care system has caused untold misery & deaths, especially with regard to the failed “War on Drugs” & their out of control illicit fentanyl overdose crisis.

One simple example involves the inviolable relationship between a patient & their GP, as follows: a doctor in America may write a pain medication script for a person suffering from intractable pain [often a drug the patient has been using successfully for years for their condition etc], yet in this new climate of “Insurance driven” health care, IF the Insurer does not approve the drug for dispensing at the patient’s chemist of choice, they are denied life-saving pain relief with no recourse.

In other words, the Doctor-Patient relationship no longer exists, & a 3rd Party has ultimate control over health care [i.e. profit driven!], & this is why chronic pain patients, whose long-term treatments have been denied, are now the 2nd leading demographic in suicide statistics in America, i.e. behind mental illness sitting at No. 1 [I have Links & References if required].

In summary, we DO NOT want a system that takes away freedom of choice for Australian patients, i.e. whereby multi-billion dollar Insurance Companies & all consuming profit motives determine your care instead of your own medical team!!

June 14, 2021 Email From M.P.

I am in the US & agree ABSOLUTELY that nobody would welcome the so called healthcare system we have.  The model, via the controls it imposes, actually uses death panels.  If the cost to “treat” you is more than what the panel determines your life is worth, youre not covered.  These companies hire people specifically to retroactively deny payments when patients are told they will be covered.  Technocracy has invaded our system & now they want to spread the poison internationally to increase profits.  DONT LET THEM!!!!

June 12, 2021 Email From I.S.

Stop America intruding on our medical system, if we are truly a strong independent country is this not one area we can stand alone on. Actually they may want to consider our system for their country.

June 11, 2021 Email From R.B.

My wife and I are both 74yrs of age and age pensioners. Prior to my retirement in 2006 I was a Police Sergeant with the WA Police Force where I served for 31 yrs. During that service I met an American man who worked with me in a civilian capacity. He and his family migrated to Australia from Denver in America MAINLY due to the lack of medical assistance with the American health system and the information he passed on to myself and fellow Australian officers about the American health system was nothing short of a horror story. I say an absolute and definite NO to the American so called health system being implemented in Australia. NO, NO, NO…

June 10, 2021 Email From M.H.

Do not have an American style health scheme in Australia.  The American system is terrible. People have to sell their homes to pay for their health care. It is not like our system. The greedy funds want this American system but it not good for the normal family with health cover in Australia. We have friends in America who envy the Australian system as if we need health care we can get it but not so in the US unless you have job that pays your health  insurance. Lose your job you lose your health insurance.

June 7, 2021 Email From C.LB

I am APPALLED by the possibility of American style health insurance coming to Australia. We’ve all seen how terrible the US system of health care is and this would be a major backward step. Our health care is wonderful and we are so lucky to be well cared and catered for in this country. We must not allow this insidious form of health care to infiltrate Australia. Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of the public. Keep up the good work!

June 7, 2021 Email From T.R.

We must resist the American Profit Health system at all costs. We need an online petition going, ready for the next federal election.

June 7, 2021 Email From C.C.

My Husband and myself are totally against any overseas Company taking over our Health Funds.

Change legislation to stop this please.

June 7, 2021 Email From K.L.

The US system is totally unfair and will make it impossible for a large portion of our population to be able to afford an operation. We will have people having no choice but, to put up with pain for the rest of their life. This is not the Australian way and this US system should not be allowed on our shores

June 9, 2021 Email From K.B.

I am definitely in favour of signing a petition to stop US managed health care from entering Australian health care funds.  We all know that health care is a mess in the USA and we certainly don’t want that here.  Being able to choose is vitally important and I for one do not want our health fund dictating this.

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