Modelling the current Australian healthcare system to that of the US, Insurance Goliath Honeysuckle NIB & Cigna are quietly introducing US style managed health care into Australia.

Under US style managed care there are extended wait times due to having limited “in network” facilities and providers. Managed care has proven to limit access, for those who do not have appropriate levels of insurance or Provider coverage. Members will receive treatment according to the “level’ of cover they pay for, i.e., the treatment received will depend on what members can afford. The type of treatment members receive, even though Doctor deems most medically appropriate, if not approved will not be what they receive – The rules of managed care are fairly rigid, patient care comes down to dollars and cents. This loss of Clinician Clinical Autonomy is rampant, due to the need for “Prior Approvals” and increases the risk of data leaks and loss of patient privacy, as the insurance company becomes the third wheel in patient care. Clinical information is sent to the Insurer and assessed by non-medical personnel to disapprove or approve treatment for members according to what members’ level of cover will allow.

There will be no turning back once Australia takes this path – Health Insurance in America has become an Economy of its own with political influence and money to burn – an unstoppable goliath.

We need to protect and preserve Australian Healthcare System, support freedom of Choice, clinical autonomy, maintain & preserve delivery of quality Patient-Centric Healthcare.

All is not lost, David won against Goliath and power comes in numbers – Now more than ever it is important we regulate, legislate and mitigate against profit centric US Style Managed Healthcare. We must work together and take action before Honeysuckle Cigna NIB does permanently change the landscape of the Australian Healthcare System.

Take a few minutes to write to your Local Federal MP here and let those who have power to legislate here each single voice in one loud collective chorus…. “No to US Style Managed Care in Australia”!