The Australian healthcare system is easy prey to Insurance giants Honeysuckle Cigna NIB introducing US style managed healthcare into Australia.

In the chaos of Covid and lock downs they are quietly remodelling the Australian Healthcare System to that of American managed care.

US style managed care is converting the Australian Healthcare System from delivering patient centric care to one that is profit centric, eyeing profits and a better bottom line. Where what you can afford equates to the treatment you receive, clinical autonomy is lost and patient care comes down to dollars and cents.

Not coincidental – NIB has always expressed a long-term view on managed care in this country, which they call ‘network care’, and by bringing a colossal company Cigna across, they are indeed formidable – importing the know-how and the methods to introduce managed care to completely change the landscape of Australian Healthcare. Sinking their teeth firmly into the Australian healthcare system and Australian economy they are not bound to let go.

Write to your Local Federal MP here and Support Anti-Managed Care Legislation #sendtheeaglehome #noUSmanagedhealthcare #supportantimanagedcarelegislation #regulate #legislate #mitigate