US-Style Managed Care Encumbers Australia’s Healthcare System

Australia’s trend towards adopting US-style Managed Healthcare is disadvantageous for patients further eking out benefits. Looking at new ways to reduce costs – Health Insurance giants Honeysuckle Cigna NIB are staring down big changes, as funds eye larger profits, improved bottom lines and happier shareholders.

At a time when consumers should have greater control, more transparency and greater choice, introducing US style Managed Care into the Australian Healthcare System is certainly a step backwards.

The key to keeping and sustaining the nation’s healthcare system is to prevent US-Style managed care from being introduced into Australia

Say No to US-Syle Managed Care & Send the Eagle Home!

Write to your Local Federal MP here and Support Anti-Managed Care Legislation #sendtheeaglehome #noUSmanagedhealthcare #supportantimanagedcarelegislation #regulate #legislate #mitigate